Clash of Ancient Empires


Clash of Ancient Empires is a simultaneous movement turn based strategy game with an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and a random map that is highly configurable. The player becomes the emperor of a budding ancient empire, and must manage the empire's economy, diplomacy and military. 

Clash of Ancient Empires can be played as single player game against the computer AIs, as a mulitplayer game against other human opponents, or a combination of both.  Up to 500 players can play in the same game.

Army units follow the battle strategy selected by the player (or computer AI) and fight autonomously.  Over 1000 units can participate in the same battle.

Victory can be reached by any criteria agreed upon by the players. Typically a collection of configurable victory points is used to determine the winner.

Many different winning strategies are available to the players. The best strategy for each empire may vary at different stages of the game depending on the empire's relative size, economy, diplomacy and military strength.

Clash of Ancient Empires can be played on any PC with any version of Microsoft Windows, and is rated E (for Everyone), but is designed for hardcore gamers.  It includes context sensitive help and a tutorial.  The purchase price is $19.95. 

Video Help is also available.

The Clash of Ancient Empires User Forum is the place to leave comments, questions or suggestions about the game.  It is also the place to meet other players and hosts, and to find new games to join.

The Clash of Ancient Empires News provides the latest game information.

For customer support, please send an email here.

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Clash of Ancient Empires by Scott Ohlman.

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